Omkar Khair Technology Evangelist / Consultant Polyglot Developer working at Rapid Circle. I like to build, break and build again.


I'm an Electronics Engineer by education, yet Computer Science has been my primary interest since graduation. I've been building web and native device applications since 2007. I've attempted to bootstrap a startup building data analytics gateways and failed after a 3 year sprint. I've been spending much of my time wrapping my head around -how- why cryptography works, and how distributed ledger technologies can help enterprises build unconventional trust relationships.



I’ve had my share of trouble getting started with building Distributed apps (Dapps) on Ethereum. There are a bunch of frameworks out there like this and this that help get started immediately. But these frameworks did way too much by themselves. I wanted to understand every step involved in deploying contracts, generating their ABIs, and using them in Dapps through JSON RPC. This prompted me to build `wasabi`




2014 - Cloud Consultant @ Rapid Circle
2011 - 2014 Co-founder @ Logic Engine