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It has been long since I have written anything up here, but this is something that could not stay in the drafts for long now. As I have mentioned earlier, ‘Cloud’ has been a buzz word in the IT sector for long time now. Taking your apps on the Cloud is the right thing to do! Apparently that does take most of the IT Pro burden off the shoulders of us ‘Developers’.

I did a post last year about Colayer, a ‘real real-time’ platform that lets you work with your colleagues collaboratively. The creators of Colayer have come up with an exciting new Cloud Platform that compliments the real-time capabilities of Colayer. The new Cloud Platform code named ‘Davos’ lets you develop your own applications on it. Your applications need not be intended for collaboration, still it would work just fine.

Follower Rate, a Twitter analytic service is created on Davos. Here are a few videos released by Markus Hegi, Founder of Colayer introducing Davos, and Colayer’s very own development language ‘Colayla’. If you are reluctant learning a new language to begin your application with, I’m with you. Colayla is nothing new. Infact it is one of the mostly widely used languages by Web Developers, right after HTML. Yes, Javascript! Colayla is based on Google’s V8 Javascript Engine: So when you write an application for Davos, you just need to know Javascripting. Easy right?

The three videos show 3 major new developments for Colayer Davos:
1. Hello Co-creative World!
It is a ‘true PaaS’: There is no set-up, no care about virtual machines, databases or processors. You write your code & run it – thats it!

2. Just Use It!
The use-it concept is, how Colayer sees the future of software reusability and open source: no downloads of code, no installation – all that happens by the Davos Cloud. You find something exciting on the web, and simply ‘use-it’ for your solution!

3. Twitter Sign-in
The web gets social & identities get connected. Websites are no isolated islands anymore. if you browse on different sites, you want to take your (FB, Twitter etc) identity with you. The new standard will be, that you have one single or just a few logins & use them on all your sites.

I did work on a small collaborative application for Davos which we hope to see live shortly. Here’s why I’m excited about Davos –

  • Write your application using a language as simple as the Javascript.
  • Your application resides on a platform specifically designed for real-time use cases.
  • You write your code on Davos itself. No SDK, no deployment process. Write and Save. How fast could your deployment process get?
  • If you are wondering about database, storage, etc. Davos is the total package. You just write your code and forget. That’s what the Platform as a Service (PaaS) is supposed to be right?

Do post your views and comments. šŸ™‚

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