Google’s new homepage reappeared!

There is news of Google working on a new homepage since last year. I came across a couple of articles that published the screenshots of the upcoming page which appeared for a short time to few users. Today we noticed it as well (sadly it din’t stay for long), but with a few differences from the screenshots published before.

Check the older screenshots here :

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The old new home page (funny) seems to have blue buttons while now Google seems to like the Gray ones more.  The surrounding text as well has been changed to a lighter shade, which eventually highlights the Google logo (which seems unchanged).

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Here is the Google search page. Again, here the blue highlights have been removed as compared to the older screenshots. But honestly I’ll be waiting for this new look to become permanent. The Google homepage has always been a clean view, but this change makes it look exceptionally futuristic and cleaner.

Most user would wonder why is Google giving a peek of these pages to few users? Was it a mistake? Did a Googler working on the new page accidently push the “UPDATE” button? Well, I would say no. This is a great way to get a feedback on the new page from a small audience before publishing. Who knows, right now some programmed Google-Spider must be crawling pages to get reviews on the glimpse of  New Google homepage. Reading this page will obviously make it happy 😉

If you have seen the new webpage or got a screenshot of it, post a feedback comment or contact me HERE