India must learn from German initiatives in Solar power

Recently, we happened to visit  “Renewtech India 2010” hosted by Autocluster, Pune. This was sort of  an exhibition of Green energy products for the Industry. One of the most attractive stalls were set up by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany which displayed several German technologies in the field of renewable energy. We were approached by Mrs G. Adler who explained the architectural details of one of the models at display.

The model Mrs Adler was talking about seemed to be a quite innovative take on the traditional methods of collecting “Solar Power”. The figure below illustrates the working.

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Though this seemed as a well established technique around the globe, it is a quite unique approach towards utilizing solar power. During the conversation Mrs. Adler happened to mention that Germany being a European country does not face adequate solar radiation as compared to South-East Asian countries. This fact really hit me hard.

The point I intend to make is, India being a country which faces immense Solar radiation on a considerably large area has not yet made any significant progress in the techniques of using the same, while countries like Germany are developing these products with enough Government support and trying to create a market for themselves here (India).

I would not blame the Government for this situation, but the approach of Indian technocrats, who should be considering research in such a field rather than adapting foreign technologies. We do something more than to hope for research on solar power in India. We must all contribute towards the initiative. Remember…

Generating a nation wide grid of Solar powered homes would be a great step towards the making of a “Prosperous Country”.