Wolfram | Alpha : The new Computational Knowledge Engine to power students homework.

Each and every field today deals with heavy calculations, that not just include algebric equations but also statistical data. Directly or indirectly you deal with it everyday. From solving your daily crossword puzzles to monitoring the stock exchange, you have to consider multiple paths to meet a common goal. These calculations could get alot easier if there was some sort of a program that would consider our query and give out all the data related to it in a well sorted and structured form. Hold on! is this the right time to talk about things like “would” and “could” ? Well no, Wolfram Research leaded by Stephen Wolfram a British mathematician has developed a service that can satisfy the needs mentioned above.

“Wolfram Alpha” is a service provided by Wolfram Research who have authored the very popular “Wolfram Mathematica” which is used for heavy mathematical computation. Wolfram Alpha is based on Mathematica itself. Wolfram Research claims Wolfram Alpha to be a “Computational Knowledge Engine”, as it is capable of sorting a wide range of information on the internet according to its type and forming a well defined structure of the information retrieved.

Wolfram Alpha is capable of solving complex mathematical equations, giving you a precise description of the calculation including graphs plots, formulae and theorems used. A query like “Integrate sinx^3” will give a complete description of the Integration process along with the formulae used and the waveform of the equation.

Computer related queries include IP location (Try : Me), Port assignments (Try: Port 80) and encoding (Try: MD5 “Does it work”)

Query related to a geographic location returns the population, weather, location altitude and more relevant information about the place.

Wolfram alpha can also come in handy to solve our crossword puzzles. Type in “A _ _ _ _”, and all the 5 letter words in English which begin with A appear before you. Okay! so does it help with the stock exchange as well? Yes it sure does, but it is of less help in India as it mostly indexes the NYSE, so if you are holding some stock in NYSE try “GOOG” or “MSFT” to get the latest trades, revenue and market cap related to Google and Microsoft respectively.

Wolfram Research team announced on

Additionally Wolfram Alpha also gives details about space stations and satellites, try “ISS” to get locations and altitude of the International Space Station. There are lot more fields that Wolfram covers, discover it yourself at www.wolframalpha.com.