New MSN Preview: Scaling the breadth of the Internet

Hot from Microsoft PressPass, news is that MSN has rolled out a whole new look in a preview version which will be available for U.S customers early next year. Microsoft is confident that this new homepage of MSN will be the best available on the internet.

We had a preview of the page at

Microsoft internal research stated that about 90% of users find sites like MSN useful. MSN alone receives about 10 million hits every month. While it also emphasizes on the figure of 10 million new users introduced to the site last year. The Press release states that most of the sites fall short of top customer needs and many have stopped evolving with the trend. Research shows that most users prefer less cluttered text with easily accessible information of their choice, including search services that help them make decisions faster.

The MSN page stands upto the mark by reducing 50 percent of the links compared to the previous page. There is a simplified navigation across news, entertainment, sports, money and lifestyle. The new page also considers the latest trends amongst its users and comes along with the powerful search from Bing and providing easy access to Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live services.

“Now is the time to clean up the mess on the Web — people need less clutter and less hassle to find what matters most to them,” said Erik Jorgensen, corporate vice president, Microsoft. “Microsoft is uniquely invested in search, media experiences and technical innovation. Combining these assets to deliver our new MSN home page is a tremendous win for customers and advertisers.”

The new page covers a few key features like.
  • The integration of Bing provides a powerful search tool at the homepage itself. Thus giving users easier access to their needs of Travel, Shopping and finding Local products.
  • The homepage delivers news from trusted sources like MSNBC, FOX Sports, Hulu and Hearst. Coming along with a comprehensive package of Local information such as Weather, Local Products and Business makes it a service to die for. More in-depth local information is offered on the new MSN Local Edition, which is the only local online source that smartly combines media with Bing search and provides access to real-time community news that is grouped by ZIP code.
  • Simplicity has become the key feature for the new homepage. This not only covers the looks but the ease in communication. Now users don’t need to jump from Tab to Tab to browse through tweets and Facebook walls. The integration of these services on the same page will bring News and Friends on the same screen.
  • The older version of MSN came with a default blue layout which could change colors. The newer look of MSN brings all the colors on the same page to make it look really fresh.
Have a look at the new MSN homepage at Send in comments of the new page, we’d love to publish your views.