Google Wave: Will Wave replace the Email?

Google Wave has been ruling the Twitter trends for a considerable time lately. No doubt Google’s new communication platform “Google Wave” is being appreciated across the globe for its “dream come true” features. I come across many blogs daily that speak and review Google Wave and its unbelievable advancements. Ever technology has its critics, but Google Wave seems to be a critics favorite too. I came across a blog on Internet Evolution by Rob Salkowitz that dint really talk high about Wave, but still seemed quite sensible.

When Google announced its upcoming communication platform at the Google I/O conference, the technology hit right through the audience. The very first introduction to Wave itself seems like a rapid transition from the static Email and IM generation to an Era of dynamic communication technologies. One single protocol that would support the best features of Instant messaging, Email, Social Networking all at once. What more do we want? Analysts have been spending years trying to sketch a perfect communication tool to easy corporate collaboration. Such a tool was not yet available in perfect shape before Google announced Wave. Engineers from Google say this would replace the Email protocol in the coming years. No one doubted that after witnessing that magical demo of Google Wave. But then, the adaption of a technology by the masses does not depend only the technical excellence but the ease of bringing it in use.

It isn’t that Google Wave is too complicated. But Wave is a collaborative tool which tech heads might find profoundly interesting to use, while the rest would find it hard to adopt to. As Rob quoted in his blog “Google Wave strikes me as posing a vexing training challenge: It’s too superficially simple and too profoundly complex. It has to spread through mimetic adoption, where someone sees a colleague doing something and figures out for themselves how to use that feature in their own work scenario. And because it’s collaborative, you need a critical mass of users before it’s really worth adopting.”

But still it isn’t that Google Wave has no future in being a standard form of communication over the Internet. The product will surely be a success, and success comes in multiple ways.

Google Wave has an easy chance to hop into a completely new form of Communication created by itself. So that would make the communication technologies on the Internet classified as Email, Instant Message, Social Network and Wave. This would not take time, and the scenario has already started to build-up.

But Google dreams big! replacing the Email protocol wont be an easy task an cannot be done only by technological excellence as I said before. Google will have to make considerable changes and developments in the Wave Platform for the technology to be marked amongst the most used internet applications. The present design of Google Wave is efficient, but not convenient for a newbie to adopt to. And when it comes to an Internet Newbie the situation gets tougher. Here are few developments and changes that I would suggest.

  1. Embedding Email support: Along with creating a new Wave, if the platform could create an “Only Email” too, it would bring in a considerable amount of users who could use the Email feature as the gradually adapt to the new Wave technology.
  2. Restrictions on Wave Actions: Enabling a New Wave creator to limit the actions in a Wave, like disabling Gadgets, BOTs would make it easy for beginners to understand Wave and proceed with the advancements.
  3. Grouping BOTs separately: There is a considerable amount of net users who are not yet introduced to the term BOT. While BOTs have a considerable role to play in the Wave drama it would be great to know who is a live person and who is not.
Most of these developments or changes are concentrated on the making the Wave technology simpler to understand. It is quite essential to consider that for a technology to be adopted as a standard, it must be brought to use by majority of the corporate sector as well. This makes it sound more important and essential. Here, by corporate sector I do not mean only the IT industries but also Companies unrelated to IT (they might not have many computer freaks to understand wave).
Time will decide the fate of Google’s new product. A critics favorite is not always the joy of the masses. Maybe thats why I don’t understand most of the Oscar winning films! Share your view in the comments. Suggest what developments would you like in Wave and would make it better for the world.