Google Wave releasing soon!

One of the most awaited Google services is soon to reach our computer screens. During the Google I/O Conference 2009, the Google team had officially announced a new service that they were working on. Google Wave is a new platform about to be introduced by Google that will help users communicate and work together with richly formatted text, videos, maps and more.

Your Google Wave account can consist of multiple communication sessions called “Waves”. These Waves will be similar to chatrooms, but there is one big difference. These will contain external applications, rich text, videos, maps, images, and the most important… wave members can edit each others messages, thus forming a convenient environment for collaborative document creation.

There are many more interesting features in Google Wave, like the smart spell checker, instant character display (this means, other can see your text as you type), Private messaging in a wave and everything that you can imagine.

The Google wave API is available at where as always, Google motivates web developers to develop APIs of their web services which can be embedded in Google Wave.

The Google Wave Federation Protocol is available at

One of the lead Google Wave Developers recently sent a Tweet that said “thirteen days…”. Stephanie Hannon seems to have given a quite hint of the Google Wave release.

Considering this tweet, the Google Wave release is somewhere in the first week of October.

This new platform is surely going to change the view of many towards the internet. There is no doubt that this new creation of Google is going to create a revolution.

Check the Google Wave home at