Google Fast Flip brings you faster news

Now this does not mean Google is bringing the news before hand. It just means that now you can browse the news faster that before. This Lab edition service will provide pages from multiple news websites on one single screen in an image format.

Google says, that mostly it takes 10secs for a news website page to load on a broadband connection due to heavy scripts and CSS styles. Instead if these pages load directly the way we print a page, users could browse through news faster than ever. This is the concept of Google Fast Flip.

Fast Flip as the name says, enables you to flip through sequential pages of news content faster. Google has partnered with “dozens of top publishers including New York Times, theAtlantic, the Washington Post, Salon, Fast Company, ProPublica and Newsweek” as the Google blog suggests. These publishers share the revenew.

The Website’s mobile version is compatible on Android and i-Phones as well, which is accessible on the same address. The brain behind Google Fast Flip is an Indian named Krishna Bharat a Distinguished Researcher, Google News.

Source: Google Blog