Google Chrome: IE Extension

Google’s very own browser needs no introduction now. There are over a million addicts now who use it as a default browser. But then its annoying to switch back to IE when come specific websites you visit allow only IE users to crawl inside. Here is a tool that will reduce a step or two for you.

But first, all those of you who don’t know about the Google Chrome Developer version which has the extensions feature check this:

You can download the Google Chrome Developer version here:

Once you are done, you are all set to use the key feature “Extensions”. You can download the ‘IE tab’ extension here:

Now that you are done, whenever your browser weeps about a website not letting it in just click on the ‘IE Tab’ icon next to the address bar and you are in.

Well. Another advantage of using the IE tab is you can add the websites you frequently visit that need IE in the ‘IE Tab Auto URL’ so the next time you visit the website from chrome, it will automatically open in the ‘IE Tab’.

You can access the ‘IE Tab Auto URL’ list by clicking on the funnel icon in the IE Tab.

I specifically use it for viewing my local files as nothing can compete the Explorer view to view files.

Have a look.

I will be listing in some great extensions for Google Chrome soon…