Gear up your Chrome with the best Extensions.

For all those who still cant figure out how to install extensions in Chrome, please check my previous blog. I plan to list the down “MUST HAVE” extensions for Chrome, that lessen a few steps from your daily routine.

Here is a list of tasks most of do when inside the browser, and the extensions that may make it a bit simple.

1) Check Emails: It is always inconvenient to keep the mailbox open in one tab while browsing through work. Can’t afford to close it too. Don’t want to miss that important mail coming today? Here a few extensions that may prove helpful.

Gmail Checker Plus: Obviously for Gmail users, it comes in with a package of sweet color themes for the Gmail icon and shows the number of unread mails and preview them. You can even take actions like Mark as Read, Delete, Archive and mark as Spam. Also supports any Google Apps email Id. Even modifies the Mail-to links in the web pages if you wish to.

Similar Extensions: Yahoo Mail Checker

2) Social Networks: Want to stay connected with your friends, still don’t want to be seen with on the Facebook, Orkut or Twitter page at work always. Chrome has a couple of extensions for that too.

Facebook for Google Chrome: Lets you view your wall updates in a single click on the Facebook icon. View photos of friends and get notified about regular updates.

Similar Extensions: Orkut Chrome Extension, Chrome Bird (Twitter Extension)

3) Browsing: The obvious use for the Browser. I’ll list a few extensions that can perk up your browsing experience in Chrome.

IE Tab: View IE supported websites in Chrome itself. (refer previous article)

RSS Subscription Extension: Subscribe to RSS feeds from an RSS icon in your address bar. We all always missed this in Chrome.

Google Quick Scroll: takes you to the part of the Page which is the most relevant to your search query in Google. Awesome! URL Shortner: Use Google’s very own URL Shortner.

StumbleUpon: Everyone missed Stumbling on Chrome. No more!

4) Now this is for the geeks who like playing under the hood of the browser before that start surfing.

Proxy Switchy: Quickly switch between multiple profiles of proxy settings.

Speed tracer: Get a insight to the Performance of your Web applications.

I have not tested any of the above extensions and thus cannot comment on their security. though most of them are authored by Google, do verify the extensions before use.