Free cloud computing services might reduce real time hardware requirements

The latest trend in web hosting and Internet services industry is the “Cloud Computing” technology. Most of the major ISP’s are running around try to enlist cloud computing as their product service. Microsoft has already developed the Azure platform which will be releasing soon, which is basically a cloud computing platform running on Microsoft technologies.

Here’s a great service that can be a good hands experience for beginners for understanding the basic concept of cloud computing (P.S: This might not be a pure form of cloud computing, but a good introduction to the upcoming technology). provides a free 15GB diskspace and a cool looking desktop with some preloaded applications.

  • The service also provides a Email ID with free POP access.
  • A synch tool to synchronize your web disk with your local disk
  • Read, Write and Edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Zoho tools, Google Docs amd even MS Office if available on the local drive.
  • Play MP3 music and edit photos with a variety of pre-installed apps.
  • Sharing and Collaborative tools available. You can side-load files from a torrent to your virtual computer on
  • Here comes the best. Access your drive from any internet enabled mobile at
What more do you need? get your drive now! Click on the link below to get your Computer… Virtual Computer