FireFox 4.0 to spice up the looks

From a recent Mozilla Wiki it is noticed that the upcoming version of Firefox i.e Firefox 4.0 has already stepped in the development stage. This time Firefox team seems to be concentrating on improving the GUI of Firefox as well.

The wiki announces 2 proposed formats of the GUI. These two formats concentrate on the positioning of the browser tabs. Here’s a preview.

Version A: This would position the Tabs below the address bar

Version B: This is where the tabs would be placed above the address bar, such that it would replace the title bar.

There are some more proposed improvement is the GUI, like having a combo Go/Refresh/Stop button. This would look something like this…

Most of these new modifications seem more like some sort of Google Chrome inspiration, but lets hope that Firefox will bring some more new improvements in the GUI.

You can catch the Mozilla wiki page here for more details. The page says the information displayed is not final and can be used for Brainstorming and Exploration, but I’m pretty sure the upcoming version will be close enough to the description. 😉