Browser War!

This would my first technology blog.. so here we go…

Being a web-designer there are somethings that create huge hurdles in small projects that I do. One big consideration for any web designer would be the websites browser compatibility. Now for all those who really don’t know what I am talking about, here’s an explanation.

The rest of you born genius skip to the next para.

Browser compatibility means, the ability of the webpage code to get rendered by every/popular browser(s) as expected. This has to be considered as different browsers render the webpage code i.e HTML in a different method, and eventually this reduces the similarity in the look of the webpage as browsers vary. Believe me this is not only with different browser brands, but also with their versions. Like the very popular IE6 renders the webpage considerably different than its successors IE7 and now 8.

So webmasters have to take care that they keep their CSS styles limited to codes that will be understood properly by a wide range of browsers. Mostly I would suggest keeping a fixed-width stylesheet. This helps alot. Trust me. I do not do much of the designing work for my websites, I use some ready-made templates for my work as they provide better graphics and I don’t have to worry about my poor taste of color combinations. But still when I place my applications in them some significant changes are very much necessary. When these changes come, there is a change in the CSS style and boom! Some or the other browser messed up the code 😛

Recently I was working on one of my projects and I got very suitable template for it from a popular source. The website looked awesome on IE6, Chrome and Firefox. But it just wont render is properly in Opera. All the horizontal divisons were shown vertically. I figured out one simple solution for this. Use the simplest possible stylesheet with the simplest possible architecture. I found a really good source which most of the webdesigners could use.

Here you’ll find nearly all basic designs for webpages in fixed width. All you have to do is select your stylesheet, and change the colors and backgrounds. Finally a ray of hope for all those who suffered a pain in the neck due to incompatible webpages. 😉